Reinforce a culture of entrepreneurship. Avoid competition and rivalry in succession planning. Help your beneficiaries agree on leadership development and philanthropy strategies. Leaving a legacy of authenticity, honesty and freedom.

Based on years of development, Authentic Family Wealthcare complements other family office and wealth management services by fostering the essentials of honest communication, mutual trust and shared values that enable families to collaborate effectively. With Veritage as facilitator and coach, you can create a powerful set of values and behaviors that will be a truly lasting legacy.

Our Philosophy.


[blockquote photo=”” author=”Sydney J. Harris” company=”” link=”” target=”_blank”]“The whole purpose of education is turn mirrors into windows.”[/blockquote]

We harmonize the family so they can be better owners of the business and employees in the business. Nothing breaks my heart more than to encounter a family who has one of the biggest issues which breaks up families (money and wealth) taken care of, and yet they cannot get along. They are financially wealthy. Yet emotionally bankrupt. They have money. But little compassion for each other. They have global connections. Yet are not connected with themselves. They appear successful. But feel like failures.

As human beings we all want to appear to have it all together, to maintain an image that everything is rosy. Families of Wealth, are no different. They too want to appear to have it all together. They want to maintain their image that everything is rosy.

It takes a brave individual to step out and say: “Things are not ok, we as a family have a Great White Elephant, which we must address”. “We as a family want to heal, we want to be more connected with each other.”

As I have faced the truth about my past (Great White Elephants), this has allowed me to be free today and claim my life back. As I have come out of my closet, I have become more authentic and connected. As I have faced and conquered my Great White Elephant, I do the same for the families I serve. As I have identified my Entitled Brat, I have transformed into a Contributing Leader. I do the same for whom I serve.

I help individuals in families free themselves from what they are afraid of. What they are hanging onto, what they feel entitled to. They may feel entitled to their beliefs, judgements and feelings towards themselves and other family members. And once they have set themselves free, these individuals are able to break forward into Authentic Family Wealth care.

As I heal, I assist others to heal. As individuals in families heal, the family heals.

Creating effective family governance and decision-making processes today are so essential for your family’s prosperity tomorrow.

Your legacy is more than monetary assets. Veritage’s process addresses how to transfer wealth in all dimensions – values as well as valuables. Give your heirs the benefits of effective communication and trust through Veritage’s Authentic Family Wealthcare process. Learn how to reinforce a culture of entrepreneurship. Avoid competition and rivalry in succession planning. Help your beneficiaries agree on leadership development and philanthropy strategies.

We work closely with you to define core values for multi-generational families and identify accountabilities for the family enterprise. Equip the people you love with the ability to harness their passion, time and commitment in ways that will benefit the long-term success of the whole family.

VERITAGE is derived from VERITAS (truth) and HERITAGE (who you are)

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