Founded in 2008 by Francesco Lombardo, Veritage is a global advisory firm with a difference. Having spent decades working in finance and investment management, Francesco watched countless families and their businesses crumble, because although they had financial security, they didn't feel emotionally safe with each other.

‘Veritage’ is the combination of the Latin word ‘Veritas’ meaning truth, and the word ‘heritage’ meaning a person's unique inherited sense of family identity. Truth and identity are at the heart of everything we do, and enables a safe space for families to show up authentically to express their feelings surrounding money and relationships.


Veritage serves as a guide to help family members understand their behaviours and the impact they have on themselves, others and business decision making. We work with families to humanise succession and transition from the inside out.

We support families to develop a governance model, that holds everyone accountable to a set of guiding principles set out by the family, for the family.