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1 Always growing and expanding

1-3: You believe there is no value in self improvement

4-6: You have done some personal development yet can't seem to change and apply the learning

7-9: You believe you have mastered your learning and see no need to grow further

10-12: You are always seeking ways to improve yourself so you can serve others
2 Naturally curious

1-3: You are easy to judge yourself and others for the shortcomings

4-6: You want to learn about others, and feel awkward asking the obvious question

7-9: You believe you know there is all you need to know about yourself or others

10-12: You are constantly motivated to learn about yourself and others
3 Team player

1-3: You don't trust easily, as you have been let down by others in the past

4-6: You want to trust, yet struggle with how to trust

7-9: You trust yourself and don't feel you need others to achieve success

10-12: You believe in being part of a team and willing to trust your teammates
4 Desire to create a safer, better world

1-3: You believe the world is not safe as you know it,and is incapable of change

4-6: You want to change and worry about your ability to make change.You want to change and feel safe, yet don't know where to start

7-9: You feel safe and comfortable in your world

10-12: You love helping others to create a safer world for their families
5 Take responsibility for self

1-3: You blame others for your situation in life

4-6: You feel restricted in what and how to take action for change

7-9: You feel you have taken responsibility for your life and are settled in who you are

10-12: You model courage; by taking action to do different; to achieve different
6 Want to see others shine

1-3: You seek the spotlight, by being the center of attention

4-6: You believe you will lose yourself if you put the light on others

7-9: You like being in the spotlight and feel secure in it

10-12: You gain fulfillment by seeing others step into their spotlight and fulfill their potential
7 Embrace pressure

1-3: You feel paralyzed when pressure shows up

4-6: You have experienced pressure and want to learn how to function with it

7-9: You believe you have mastered how to deal with pressure

10-12: You seek pressure as a pathway to improve your performance
8 Model the Learning

1-3: You are private and dont share of yourself

4-6: You want to share yourself, yet don't know how to

7-9: You feel you are admired for your achievements

10-12: You share your personal journey to inspire others to see what is possible
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