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What does eating Crab and Family Business have in common?

Last night after speaking to a Vistage/TEC CEO group in Saint John New Brunswick I found myself at the Saint John Ale House having snow crab and toast, a local favorite for dinner. The crab is on a bed of sourdough bread and toped with shrimp kimchi. It’s a spicy dish which I complimented with a local beer, the Pump house IPA, who’s flavors took an edge of the heat of the dish. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. If you have ever had crab or lobster, I am sure you know how much work it is to prey open the shell to get to the meat. Some times it is a difficult tedious task. It get messy, the shell crakes to much, sometimes it splatters all over the place. Your hand get dirty and tired from the work. Patience is a must, as this is time consuming at times.Having said that, if you are a crab or lobster lover, the work is worth the prize.

As I am working away with the necessary tools to open up the crab to get to the “goodies” the succulent snow crab meat, it dawned on me. Eating crab is like being part of a Family Business. At times it is hard work, requires patience and can get messy. Having said that the reward of getting to the meat of it, is so worth it.

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