Founder, Coach, Advisor

For more than twenty years, Francesco Lombardo has been a family business advisor and facilitator who has worked with some of the world’s most successful and affluent families to foster a culture of Safe Space™. Through his extensive work with these families and his Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) designation, Lombardo has identified a universal connection between people’s relationship with money and the impact this has on their relationships, family, business, and legacy.

Francesco is the founder of Veritage whose mission is to serve business families by promoting the culture of Safe Space™, and supporting clients in their development of a living Family Wealth Constitution (FWC). Intended to support governance in action, a FWC holds individual family members, their relationships with each other, and the relationship they each have with their wealth, all accountable to a set of guiding principles established by the family for the family. Overall, Veritage develops harmonious families, accountable leaders, and responsible owners.

Safe Space: Governance in Action is his fifth book in which he brings a new perspective to the identification and management of behavioural risk through the development of Safe Space™ and how emotional and psychological safety is critical to maintaining healthy family dynamics through the often difficult and inevitable processes of succession planning and wealth transition.

Lombardo is also the co-creator and one of the leading facilitators of the Scone Project and Maasai Project. These are annual, invitation-only, experiential and interactive next-generation leadership development programs for business families.

Francesco is a much sought-after international speaker who has made presentations for the Milken Institute, Campden Wealth Conferences, Institutional Investor, Tiger21, various YPO/WPO chapters, and The Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners, Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) among others. Television coverage of his work has included appearances on shows like Money Talks, The Morning Show and Sky News. In 2019, Franco was featured in the award-winning Spear’s Magazine as a Top 500 Family Office Service.

Passionate and engaging, Francesco is a leading global expert on the emotional impact money and wealth has on relationships within family businesses and family office operations. He is committed to assisting families find, create, and maintain Safe Space™ by developing new models for cultural governance, which contribute to the stability, continuity, and sustainability of the family business enterprise, its wealth, and its legacy.

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