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“We believe the wealthiest component of a wealthy family……… the family itself.”
– Francesco Lombardo, Veritage Founder

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One Part Investment Manager, One Part Family Therapist

June 1st, 2015


Franco Lombardo found that many of his clients’ financial needs were actually about family relationships, deep down.

If family offices manage the finances of the 1%, Franco Lombardo’s caters to the 1% of the 1%. Most of his clients have a net worth north of $500 million, he says. And if you believe him, the ultra-rich have problems—problems with money, no less.

For example, one of Lombardo’s clients hoped to pass his billion-dollar business down to his daughter, but he wanted her to work in the firm first. The daughter felt guilty, because she was only working part time and was set to become the boss. “She was going to make decisions with feelings of guilt that she didn’t deserve this,” Lombardo says. “So what kind of decisions would she make? That’s an example of behaviour risk.”

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“We at Veritage are the emotional portfolio managers for the family’s most valuable asset – the human capital.”


The Process

Veritage’s Authentic Family Wealthcare process is not for every family.

It requires the ability to confront personal and family truths with honesty and courage. But the benefits will be profound – for you, and every member of your family – in terms of unlocking the real value that makes your life and relationships extraordinary and truly rich.

Veritage’s Authentic Family Wealthcare process provides powerful tools to guide explorations of how values, money and business shape your family’s evolving story. Each phase follows a similar three-step model of Reflection and Discovery, Action Planning and Implementation.[/two_third]


Who We Serve

Taking the pulse.

Who are ideal candidates for the Authentic Family Wealthcare process?
  • Individuals who are seeking purpose with their wealth and want to make a significant contribution.
  • Parents who are searching how to talk to the Next Generation about money.
  • Families transitioning ownership to the next generation.
  • Families seeking purpose with their wealth and would like this mapped out for subsequent generations.
  • Families that want to mitigate entitlement and build a stronger culture of contribution. 
  • Multi-generational Enterprising Families with established operating businesses or their family office.
  • Enterprising Families of Wealth who want to be closer with each other.
  • Families and enterprising families that have governance in place, yet family may still have conflict.





  • Clear Vision, Mission and Vision  –  Of the Family, For the Family.
  • A  Commitment to Continuity and Harmony
  • To Operate with Transparency in all Conversation
  • Continual Leadership Development
  • Creating a culture of Contribution
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Ideal Families We Serve


The ideal candidates for Authentic Family Wealthcare are clients who understand that:

  • Values matter: These individuals will be open to aligning their financial goals with other dimensions of personal wealth… physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
  • Legacies matter: They are concerned with creating a meaningful legacy for the future.
  • Family matters: These parents/grandparents want to “do the right thing” for their family even if they are not sure how.
  • Personal growth matters: These individuals are “coachable” and willing to trust that they can grow and apply new insights over time.


badgeFrancesco (Franco) Lombardo,

Working Internationally
Nonflict Certified

FrancoFrancesco Lombardo is a much-sought after international speaker and trusted advisor who has coached some of the world’s most successful and affluent families for over twenty years. He has spoken at Campden Conferences, Institutional Investor, YPO/WPO Chapters and Forum Groups,The Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners and TIGER 21among others. His many television appearances include shows such as Money Talks and The Morning Show. Franco has also appeared on SKY News. (see video here). Through his extensive work with  families, Lombardo has identified a universal connection between people’s relationship to money (Money Motto) and the impact this has on their families, businesses and legacies.

Francesco is the founder of Veritage Family Office which assists individuals within families by uncovering their truth about who they are (TRUTH ABOUT YOU), so they may better communicate and connect with each other creating harmony in the family. Veritage develops unique recipes for purpose, vision, and mission for the families wealth which feeds and nourishes the family legacy.

Passionate and engaging, Francesco is a leading expert in the emotional impact money has on Relationships, Estate, Family Businesses and Family Office operations globally. He is committed to healing the families his team serves and moving from Entitlement to Authenticity to become what he calls “Contributing Leaders”.