Have you ever wondered why you handle money the way you do or why your relationships turn out they way they are? Take this assessment and find out what your Money Motto™ profile is and how that correlates with your relationships. This is reflective of human behaviour in that “what we do is what we do”. In other words, how we behave in one area of our lives is going to be mirrored in all other areas of our lives (same with beliefs).

Money Mottos™ are subconscious thoughts and/or feelings about money that can influence how we behave and interact with money. Discovering your Money Motto™ profile can be an empowering influence over the finance decisions you make. Your Money Motto™ profile dictates your financial decisions, from how you earn your money to how you spend it, negotiate for it, invest it, inherit it or gift it. Of course by understanding your Money Motto™ style, you hold the power to better achieving your financial goals.

This assessment is a wonderful tool to realize more about yourself and how you can start making small changes to achieve in your life to achieve your financial goals.  What’s even more wonderful about this assessment is that 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Free the Children.

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