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How one treats their money (Money Motto) is how one treats their relationships

Money & relationshipsHave you ever considered why one behaves/feels the way they do with money,  and where their behaviours /feelings about money come from?  Just as we all have beliefs about God, men, women, marriage, and sex, we have a belief about money. Our belief about money I refer to as our MONEY MOTTO. We develop our MONEY MOTTO from events that occur throughout our lives. As a result of these events we develop a belief or make up a story, attaching meeting to the event. From here one develops a way of being (behavior) about how one treats their money. One develops a relationship with money.

Because we are relationships beings and we have a relationship with money, our MONEY MOTTO, we take our Money Motto into other relationships. Where it gets fascinating, is there is a direct correlation between how we treat our money and how we treat our relationships, including the relationship we have with ourselves.

We all fall into one of four main categories in how we feel about, treat our money. We spend it, invest it, value it or fear it.

This also applies to how we feel about and treat our relationships. We spend them, invest in them, value them or are afraid of them.

How do YOU do money? How do YOU do RELATIONSHIPS?




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