Ensuring the Legacy of Family Business
Through Emotional Governance

We all have our own unique style of influencing, but successful leadership depends on your ability to effectively influence – it’s what coverts ideas into meaningful action. But have you ever considered the influence you have on others and the influence others have on you?

“It is a huge privilege to be recognised in the Family Business United Hall Of Fame alongside so many other wonderful advocates of family business sector. I hope that together we can support many more families to navigate their own unique path towards safe space.” Franco Lombardo

The survival of any family-owned business goes much deeper than the traditional governance model. It requires an emotional and relational investment by everyone involved, in order to create a safe space for truthful conversations to be had without fear of repercussion.

Just like much of the world, I too have been reflecting on the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Whilst this is a truly historical moment for the entire world, times like these that can trigger feelings and emotions much closer to home. It can, however, also be a time for healing and perspective.

One of the fundamental barriers to having healthy relationships with ourselves and others, is our inbuilt desire to ‘fit in.’ We naturally seek people and places where we feel we ‘fit’ but as I have discovered there is huge difference between ‘fitting’ and ‘belonging.’

This is a story rich in learning from one of our team members, Mateo. It is a journey of self-development, new experiences and fresh perspectives. It is also a valuable reminder for us all to continue to challenge our own purpose and contribution in the world.

Making assumptions about someone is never a good idea, and can lead to a whole heap of unnecessary thoughts and behaviours. When we take the time to invest in meaningful conversations, we are rewarded with a completely fresh perspective and understanding.

Living in inauthentically with ourselves and each other breeds insecurities, resentment and disharmony. And whilst the truth can be both hard to hear and hard to face, it is the fundamental foundation for all healthy relationships – personal and professional.

Humans don’t like living in disharmony or conflict, so we naturally either run from it, avoid it and pretend it isn’t happening. But when you combine feelings or emotions with family and business, it can create a messy picture. This is why humans and our behaviour can be the biggest risk to you and you business.

Being surrounded by people who always say ‘yes’ to you may seem like an idealistic situation to be in, but the reality is the complete opposite. Never being held accountable or being told the truth breeds resentment, disrespect and disloyalty.

For a business to practice safely within the legal parameters, it is required to adhere to a strict criteria of rules and regulations. But, the same due diligence is not always applied to the emotional wellbeing of a business, and inevitably often leaves it wide open to failure.

Benjamin Franklin was a wise man when he said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. It may be an overused phrase, but it is absolutely spot on, because if you haven’t made adequate preparations for journey or goal, you are unlikely to succeed.

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