Ensuring the Legacy of Family Business
Through Emotional Governance

NEXT GENERATION Readiness Projects

We believe the most valuable asset in a family’s portfolio is their Human Capital — and the most valuable Human Capital is the Next Generation.  To create the Safe Space™ necessary for these next generation leaders to thrive, Veritage has created two unique in person experiences; The Scone Project at Scone Palace, home of the Earls of Mansfield in Scotland and The Masaai Project at the Bogani Village in Kenya. 

The SCONE Project

The Scone Next Generation Leadership Program

The Scone Project is an intimate next generation (NxG) program, designed to develop exceptional leaders and unlock the potential of NxG family members, born into prominent families of wealth and or enterprise. By invitation only, The Scone Project is hosted by William Murray, Viscount Stormont and is facilitated by

Francesco Lombardo FEA.

The MAASAI Project

A Family Retreat for NexGen Development

The Maasai Project is an incredibly special program in rural Kenya, designed to identify and develop character, individual skills and personal goals. In partnership with 'WE Charity', we work with the local community to help co-create sustainable solutions that empower, educate and establish meaningful and lasting relationships.


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