Dear Franco,

I gladly provide this reference for you and Veritage.

I do this with the intent that your services can bring the benefits to others as they have to me and my Family.

At first we did not know where to start or what to expect.

The professional and genuine manner in which you got to know every member of our Family created a strong foundation for us to begin our journey of growth.

The meetings and sometimes very emotional discussions facilitated by you allowed the members of the Family to work through the issues preventing us from working and living our lives together.

Helping us understand the role we play and how to manage these responsibilities was also key in helping us reach improved relationships.

Whilst most Families probably feel or indeed may be able to work through many issues facing them, having support from someone like Franco provides the support and sound board that ensures success.

The Family is now a more effective Family and business unit with all members understand their role.

The youngest generation now entering teenage and adulthood are supported with a documented Family Charter that outlines our values, beliefs and mission.

The work we have done will last generations to come and has been the best investment we have ever made.

Thank you Franco and look forward to having you as part of our Family for many years to come.

Tony CanciCanci Group Holdings

Franco has helped me, and in turn, has helped my family in a very special way. His discussion and coaching of families as to create “safe space” is highly valuable because it helps the individuals to speak and interact with each other on all matters, even beyond business. His process has helped us all become closer and become better people to those outside of our family. As a result of our improved family dynamics and communication, our business has also improved, and the opportunities are seemingly endless. In addition, we are learning how to understand and communicate between generations, which is an important aspect of family wealth. We have learned how to serve those family members who have built the wealth and now we expect that it is our duty to teach those who it will be passed on to. Franco’s process has not only put us in a good spot today, but he has also taught us how self-sustain and improve ourselves so that we do not revert to past practices that may have held us back from interacting in an optimal manner.

Personally, I feel that I have become a better person for having met Franco and having been enlightened by his manner of coaching individuals such as myself. As an accountant, I am a highly technical, business-minded person who used to view soft skills development as superfluous. However, I have changed my whole outlook after learning through his program. Thanks to Franco, I have been inspired to get my coaching certification and to help my clients, colleagues and friends in the same way that he has helped me and my family.

Paolo FidenzaG2

Entering into this arrangement was a very new experience for my family. Due to certain unplanned events we realised that a Family Wealth Constitution would be desirable. However, having gone through the process I have come to understand that the process itself was more important than the outcome of the written constitution. The process that Francesco undertakes, with his methodical, soft approach, has been invaluable. It’s opened up communication within the family and a deeper level of understanding of what is important to us.

The dynamics of our family will perhaps continue to be what they have always been. However, the focus on our guiding principles has helped us articulate what is indeed really important to the founder and to the remaining family. It sets the tone for the future and leaves no discussion unsaid. Francesco has been a great ally at difficult times, and helps us to always stop and think in terms of our guiding principles. This is a discipline we aim to take into future generations.

Personally, I have felt that we have grown as individuals and have each benefited to some extent from this experience.

Rosa CumminsChief Financial Officer