Money Motto®: The Path to Authentic Wealth™ (Hardcover)


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Franco Lombardo | Roper House Publishing | 2007 Money Motto®: The Path to Authentic Wealth™ offers readers a blueprint for examining their relationship with money and wealth from their own frame of reference. The process starts with recollections you’ve had since childhood – both in general terms and as they specifically relate to money. Lombardo compassionately challenges and enables people to identify and then release negative and ineffective behaviors and beliefs they may hold towards money, and create a more authentic relationship with wealth that will support the realization of their goals and dreams.

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Book Reviews

“Money Motto® can change your relationship with money. It’s a great tool!”

– Marci Shimoff, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and featured teacher in the hit film, The Secret 

“This book is a valuable map to understanding your true relationship with money – an imperative for anyone who wishes to live a life of deeper meaning, significance, and purpose.”

– Jim Reger, co-author of The Authentic Leader

“Lombardo’s work is a helpful and unembellished look at those for whom money is an emotional crutch. Family business founders and successors should heed his essential lesson: Money is easy, life and family are hard but far more fulfilling.”

– Joseph H. Astrachan, PhD, Director, Cox Family Enterprise Center & Wachovia Eminent Scholar, Chair of Family Business at Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University

“A frank, refreshing, and often poignant look at an important and timeless topic, ultimately forcing each of us to confront the meaning we want from our lives and the nature of the legacy we want to leave behind.”

– Barry Z. Posner, PhD, Dean & Professor of Leadership, Santa Clara University, and co-author of The Leadership Challenge, Encouraging the Heart and A Leader’s Legacy

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