Couples Coaching

R. Renuka Baron is an international professional executive coach focused on serving individuals, groups, organizations, and corporations. Renuka co-creates result-driven measurable action steps with her clients through exploration, strategy development, and execution.

Even though Renuka Baron’s formal education is in health sciences, she left her career in dentistry in 2004 to coordinate and co-facilitate personal development seminars and trainings focused on women’s empowerment, equalized loving relationships, conscious parenting, and soul-driven leadership.

Renuka is a Certified Communications Expert and is a licensed NLP Practitioner. She is a senior advisor at Dov Baron’s Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership. In addition to her private and corporate work, Renuka is also a full partner, co-facilitator and mentor at Dov Baron International Inc. training executives and corporate leadership teams to become soul-driven powerful leaders.

Renuka’s philosophy is that when people get the support they need to let go of playing small and embrace their genuine power, greatness emerges. She believes that we all need a little help, from time to time, to reach the heights of our dreams, goals and desires.

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