“The work we have done will last generations to come and is the best investment we have ever made.”

Family Office CEO, 2nd Generation

“The work left me with freedom, peace of mind, altered my relationships with my business partners, and it got me clear about who I am and the difference I can make for others.”

2nd Generation Family Member

“The youngest generation are now supported with a documented Family Charter that outlines our Values, Beliefs and Mission.”

3rd Generation Family Lead

“I got that my quality of life has nothing to do with the amount of money I make, and at the same time I am free to have an abundance of money with no guilt, or shame, and just enjoy life the way it is and the way it isn’t.”

2nd Generation Family Member

“Our family discovered growth—financially and in relationships—through Emotional Governance with Veritage. We are now a far more effective, unified Family and Business, with all members understanding their role, and relationships continually improving.”

4th Generation Family Principal

"I come out feeling more energized and better connected to myself and other family members as a result of the sessions"

5th Generation Family Council Member

“The work we have done will last generations to come and has been the best investment we have ever made.”

Tony Canci, Canci Group Holdings

“What I got is a whole new sense of peace of mind! I now choose which actions I want to take. And I choose to live in and enjoy the present. Thank you Veritage!”

4th Generation Family Member

"Franco knows me more than I know myself."

6th Generation Family Council Chair

“I could immediately see what was driving me in the goals I set — and even the dreams I said I had! Now I can ask myself authentically, what is it that matters and would truly be fulfilling. This work has been foundational to my and my family’s life!”

3rd Generation Family Member

“It sets the tone for the future and leaves no discussion unsaid.”

Family Member and Chief Financial Officer

"I used to tell my husband what to do, NOW I ask him how he is feeling."

72-year-old Matriarch and Husband of 50 years