We guide families in creating a governance model that holds the individual, the relationships with each other; and their wealth accountable to a set of guiding principles developed by the family for the family.

Who We Serve

Candidates for our Family Wealth Constitution Process are:

  • Individuals who are seeking purpose with their wealth and want to make a significant contribution.
  • Parents who are searching how to talk to the Next Generation about money.
  • Families transitioning ownership to the next generation.
  • Families who have a desire to do the right thing when it come to addressing the “fair vs equal” issue in the family.
  • Families that want to mitigate entitlement and build a stronger culture of contribution. 
  • Multi-generational Enterprising Families with established operating businesses or their family office.
  • Enterprising Families of Wealth who want to feel safe with each other.
  • Families and enterprising families that have governance in place, yet family may still have conflict.
  • Families who want to develop a recipe book which lists the proper ingredients for how to develop a sustainable legacy which nurtures future generations.

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