Praise for Franco’s Events

[blockquote photo=”” author=”Family Office Member” company=”” link=”” target=”_blank”]“I thought Franco was a great finish to the second day, great choice and brilliant.”[/blockquote]
[blockquote photo=”” author=”Family Office Member” company=”” link=”” target=”_blank”]“Highly engaging, simple to follow, and yet incredibly powerful”[/blockquote]
[blockquote photo=”” author=”Participant” company=”” link=”” target=”_blank”]“I went away and had some serious conversations with my family”[/blockquote]
[blockquote photo=”×150.png” author=”Matthew Andrade” company=”Chief Investment Officer, Canadian Family Futures” link=”” target=”_blank”]”Franco spoke to the Calgary CFA Society about some of the issues wealthy individuals face, how those issues impact how they deal with people in their lives / the wealth they’ve accumulated, and what the corresponding impact is for the advisors to those individuals. The feedback was quite good, with the common thread being the time was too short and they could have listened to him for longer! Franco’s comments are always insightful and his use of live examples bring the points home in a fashion that resonates with the audience. He’s also not afraid to bring his own personal life experiences to bear during his discussion, connecting with his audience in a way that few speakers are able to do effectively. We enjoyed listening to Franco and are grateful for his presentation to our Society.”[/blockquote]
[blockquote photo=”” author=”Nancy MacKay” company=”
CEO, MacKay CEO Forums” link=”” target=”_blank”]“Franco’s session with our CEO peer group and spouses was a big hit! He challenged all of us to think about our money motto and how this impacts not only our relationships with our spouses but also with our kids. It was a very high impact and valuable session.”[/blockquote]
[blockquote photo=”” author=Dale S.”” company=”High Family Business Centre, Elizabethtown, PA” link=”” target=”_blank”]
  • Gets to root of core issues
  • The presentation gave me a lot to think about. I also have some great tools on how to use in dealing with my white elephant.
  • Wow- very thought provoking. Been doing some personal soul searching. This was very helpful for me and my family!
  • Franco has a ability to speak to issues that exist in family businesses that are unspoken.
  • Franco has the powerful ability to connect with the audience and willingness to tackle the “heart’ issues.
  • Hitting at a deeper emotional level on how to improve my life and my parenting skills!

Really helped me understand myself and deal with root causes and symptoms.

[blockquote photo=”” author=”Gene Beil” company=”Head of Business Development, Insight Information” link=”” target=”_blank”]Positive feedback included comments such as “fantastic”, “great pace, great insight, great presentation”, “very interesting”, “powerful message”, “refreshing, personal and relevant to every family”, “would like to see this speaker again”, “probably the single most important insight provided in an hour”, “Franco’s presentation was very applicable to the family office, excellent presentation”.[/blockquote]
[blockquote photo=”” author=”Grant Hicks CIM,FCSI” company=”VP Western Canada Manulife Securities” link=”” target=”_blank”]”There are great speakers and then there is Franco. Franco’s presentation was beyond excellent! In 22 years I have never had so much impact in one hour as we did with Franco . We truly enjoyed his presentation and found it extremely informative. It is among the best I have ever seen – through all the courses and workshops in the financial industry, this one has the potential to change the industry. It is a must hear message for all.”[/blockquote]
[blockquote photo=”” author=”Ian L. MacLachlan” company=”Q.C., Business Practices Group Leader,  Parlee McLaws LLP” link=”” target=”_blank”]“We, the lawyers in the Business Services Practice Group at Parlee McLaws LLP, received an excellent presentation and seminar from Franco Lombardo in respect of his experience and services relating to the current topic of succession planning for family businesses. Franco took our lawyers and articling students through a summary of his processes to identify and address family business succession issues including the intangible emotional side of these matters. Our lawyers and students gained a significant insight into the various aspects of the services provided by Franco and Veritage. This was particularly exemplified by the spirited question and answer session at the conclusion of Franco’s presentation. We strongly recommend Franco and the Veritage process to any families or their professional advisors.”[/blockquote]
[blockquote photo=”” author=”Joel S. Petersen” company=”Vice President, Financial Advisor,  B E R N S T E I N Global Wealth Management” link=”” target=”_blank”] “The interpersonal dynamics within wealthy families can bring those families, and often their businesses, to their knees. Franco cuts to the heart of the challenges and helps families facethem head on. He brings clarity to the process of passing on values, not just valuables. Veritage delivers possibly the best insurance policy for building and maintaining a true and vital family legacy.”[/blockquote]
[blockquote photo=”” author=”Paul D. Lailey” company=”Partner DAVIS LLP” link=”” target=”_blank”]”Franco Lombardo’s presentation to the lawyers at Davis LLP provided valuable insights into the emotional issues that arise in family businesses and succession planning. He also highlighted the importance of having a process in place to identify and address those issues and he outlined how Veritage can be an important part of this process. The feedback that I was given from those who attended the seminar was very positive and I would have no hesitation in recommending Franco and the Veritage process.”[/blockquote]
[blockquote photo=”×150.png” author=”Don Matthew, CA” company=”Office Managing Partner, KPMG LLP” link=”” target=”_blank”]”Franco’s discussions about the qualitative issues facing family succession planning were very thought provoking and left most of us seriously thinking about such issues in both the general context and the context of specific situations that we are aware of. These issues are crucial to successful planning and transition and Franco addresses them head-on with a view to improving awareness, working to practical resolution and implementing the agreed upon actions.”[/blockquote]
[blockquote photo=”” author=”Peter Conradi” company=”TEC Chair, Ottawa” link=”” target=”_blank”] “By virtue of his personal growth work and years of experience in investment management, Franco Lombardo has the unique ability to help individuals unearth their core values and link these to their money management, life and estate planning. He delivered real value to the members of my TEC group.”[/blockquote]
[blockquote photo=”×150.png” author=”Tom Morton CA” company=”Partner-Tax, Smythe Ratcliffe: Succession Planning” link=”” target=”_blank”]“Thank you so much for your presentation on Tuesday. All nine of us who attended your presentation found it informative and eye opening. All of us have clients facing the issue of transitioning or selling the business. All of us have been perplexed by the fact the options and issues should be so apparent to the client, yet the client seems to have blinders on. We have, naively, presumed the “blinders” come from the fact the clients are busy and simply not able to give sufficient time to the issue. Your presentation made us aware the “blinders” come from deeper reasons… reasons we, as accountants, are not equipped to see or address. It seems too obvious once you point it out.”[/blockquote]
[blockquote photo=”” author=”CICA Conference on Succession Planning” company=”” link=”” target=”_blank”]
  • Very well done presentation dealing with an emotional topic often ignored by family and succession planners
  • Dynamic speaker on an important and difficult topic. As accountants, it is difficult for us to have conversation with our clients regarding emotions. Speaker gave us some tips and guidance to start the conversation. Good insight into the human reactions to this area.
  • Refreshing to have another entertaining approach. Important to prod business owners into areas of emotional “discomfort” and examination.
  • A terrific presentation. Will be extremely valuable in working with clients.[/blockquote]
[blockquote photo=”” author=”CICA Conference on Succession Planning” company=”” link=”” target=”_blank”]
  • Best presentation of conference, very entertaining & very informative simple message.
  • Best topic and speaker
  • Outstanding speaker & subject knowledge
  • Wow! A Real Eye Opener
[blockquote photo=”×150.png” author=”Jay Westman” company=”President & CEO, Jayman MasterBUILTTM” link=”” target=”_blank”]”When I first heard Franco Lombardo do a presentation, it was a real discovery for me to find out that my first family boardroom was really around our kitchen table. How my grandfather’s experience of living through the dirty 30’s had affected my mother and father’s perceptions and beliefs around money. And then, of course – how it affected me in my behaviours and how now I am affecting my wife and children. It was a real “ah ha” moment.”

“In all the courses I’ve taken over the last decade, this subject happens to be the one that really hit home for me. I personally believe this is a great investment of your most important asset – your time.”[/blockquote]


[blockquote photo=”” author=”Richard Henseleit” company=”President, CAFE – Kelowna Chapter” link=”” target=”_blank”]”Franco exudes passion for the things he teaches. His Money Motto® model helped me recognize that it is okay to engage the thoughts and beliefs which lay buried beneath the behaviors I do. Once the thoughts and beliefs become tangible and part of my conscious mind – only then will I have the ability to make better decisions – decisions which align with the life that I want to have. I guess the downside to knowing however, is that in knowing I become responsible for my behaviors and the changes needed. I can no longer play victim. So, if you are happy with doing what you’ve always done and are satisfied with the outcomes then you don’t want Franco’s stuff. But if not, then brace yourself for the pains, joys and challenges of change and growth.”[/blockquote]
[blockquote photo=”” author=”Dr. Steve Marks, PhD” company=”TEC Chair, Vancouver” link=”” target=”_blank”]“Franco has a very different approach to the topic of personal financial management which the group found engaging, challenging and of value. He drills down to your core values about money and demonstrates how these values are in control of your “financial destiny”. Many group members gained useful insights from this process. Franco has an animated, high energy style and is very knowledgeable on his topic. If you are looking for a speaker who has a different take on money, I would recommend him without reservation.”[/blockquote]
[blockquote photo=”” author=”Randy Lennon” company=”Managing Director, Meridian Merchant Capital Canada Ltd.” link=”” target=”_blank”]”Franco Lombardo is a remarkable speaker and we at Meridian have developed a true appreciation for his insights into the dynamics of family business succession. At our recent Access to Capital Conferences the attendees provided universally positive feedback on Franco’s keynote address about our relationship with money and how our “money motto” impacts on our businesses and daily lives. I would highly recommend Franco as a speaker and his company Veritage for advisory services to family enterprises.”[/blockquote]
[blockquote photo=”” author=”Bill McCourt” company=”TEC Chair, Vancouver” link=”” target=”_blank”]“Franco thank you for taking the time to present to my TEC group. You obviously hit a very responsive chord with the members because they could not stop talking about your subject after you left. They had all been thinking about the topic but didn’t know how to approach it. You gave them the key.”[/blockquote]
[blockquote photo=”” author=”Doug Bouey” company=”TEC Chair, Calgary” link=”” target=”_blank”]“Franco’s topic is directly relevant to all TEC members. He is unafraid to go toward a topic, basic beliefs about money and how they might be at odds with the way your business plans are unfolding – that is difficult. But, from a future planning standpoint, there are few topics that have more traction than this. Franco managed to engage the group and bring them to a new awareness through the Money Motto™ thinking.”[/blockquote]