What does it mean to get a designation?

Have you ever put your heart and soul into something that you are absolutely committed too? Do you remember the feeling of euphoria, relief, pride and sense of achievement? How did you celebrate? How did you share this accomplishment with?

For the last year I have been enrolled in a intensive program run by The Institute for Family Enterprise Advisors. The program is designed the participants to better understand the complexities and unique attributes of Business Families. When I first enrolled in the program in 2011 I had this attitude of entitlement, in  what can I possibly learn? After all I already am advising Business Families.

Thankfully a client, asked me to consider what I might be able to contribute to the group and the program. With this in mind, I enrolled with a commitment to be a contributor to my fellow students and peers. I was true to my word in asking myself often, “how can I serve?” As a result I have made many new friends and fell part of a community, the Family Enterprise Advisor community.

You see, yesterday after completing the requirements of the program, I received my certification and designation. Yesterday I became a Family Enterprise Advisor. I got my very first designation. FEA

What does this designation mean to me? That it is possible to transform oneself from a attitude of Entitlement to a philosophy of  Contribution.

How am I feeling? Proud of my accomplishment, humbled that I got through, and grateful for all of my peers in both the Vancouver and Toronto groups.

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