We exist to build trust and respect with family owned businesses through a holistic approach combining the past, present and future generations. We connect hindsight, insight and foresight to enable family-owned businesses to create a meaningful, purposeful and sustainable legacy.  



To help wealth-owning families create a culture of trust and respect that protects the legacy of the family, fortune and firm.



To enable every wealth-owning family to unlock their full potential, by creating a space of emotional safety that enables unified decision-making.

Our Process

Our program is multidimensional and works with families to build healthy and emotionally safe relationships. Through our unique and highly personalised model, families are able to move from a place of disconnect and disharmony to a place where they can flourish for generations to come.

Our Community Says It Best

Navigating Shifting Family Dynamics

Paolo Fidanza

Paolo explains why working with Veritage was so transformational in helping his family navigate complex family dynamics.

Removing Judgement from Communication

Toby Browne

Toby explains how Veritage’s approach enables everyone to talk honestly with each other without judgement or ramification.


The potential, power and purpose of our work is interconnected within our values;

Our values are at the core of who we are and what it means to be part of the Veritage family. Our culture is rooted in making the world a safer place by strengthening family relationships.

We believe that values are only meaningful if they are expressed in the way we behave everyday. Our values define not only how we treat each other, but also how we treat those we work with and the communities we reach.


We build trust by providing a sense of safety for individuals to experiment, innovate and show up as their authentic selves.


We invest in our people and relationships before everything else, because we believe human capital is the foundation of every successful family and business.


We protect our own legacy just as we protect those we work with, by holding ourselves accountable to our own set of standards so that everyone feels seen and heard.


We bring humanity to our work by moving beyond feelings and judgment, to a place of compassion that inspires and motivates change.

Why Veritage?



Empowering Family Succession and Transition Family Coaching & Advisory Firm
Franco Lombardo
Empowering Family Succession and Transition Family Coaching & Advisory Firm
Thomas Clark
Empowering Family Succession and Transition Family Coaching & Advisory Firm
Laura Hearn