Influence 2024

As they say in the movies…”That’s A Wrap”

INFLUENCE 2024 is over, and having had some time to reflect, we can honestly say it turned out to be more than we had ever expected. Full of learning, sharing and most importantly fun, it was a huge privilege to share time with such an incredible group of humans.

We look forward to welcoming you again at the next INFLUENCE.


Dynamic, personalised and transformative, INFLUENCE is an experience like no other. Exclusively focused on developing and deepening family relationships, INFLUENCE provides a unique and non-commercial opportunity to establish a framework to secure your family’s legacy through the development of emotional safety.


INFLUENCE brought together a carefully curated group of wealth-owning families and thought leaders, for three days of connecting, storytelling, workshops and education.
Designed specifically to support the growth and development of wealth–owning families, INFLUENCE is a one-of-a-kind event designed to focus on the human capital as the foundation for a healthy and sustainable family business.