Ensuring the Legacy of Family Business
Through Emotional Governance


Many believe money will solve and alleviate issues in a family. In actuality money emphasizes the human and social issues within every family. We guide families in creating an organized emotional governance model that holds the individuals, the relationships, and their wealth––Financial Capital, Social Capital, and Human Capital––accountable to a shared set of pillar principles crafted by the family, for the family.


Organized Emotional Governance transforms the traditional conversation of Governance into an affirmation throughout every pillar of a family business. We reignite and reimagine the purpose of your meaning across the generations, fostering a purposeful and impactful legacy.


Through Francesco Lombardo’s life’s work of Systemized and Organized Emotional Governance, Veritage is fostering a movement towards Safe Space™ within generational enterprise family businesses and legacies around the globe. In order to help families develop their own unique endowed Emotional Governance, Veritage educates, equips, and supports professional Facilitators to become certified in this pivotal work of EMOTIONAL GOVERNANCE.

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