We work with families to humanise succession and transition through the development of emotional safety. We offer a number of bespoke solutions and workshops designed to help families communicate with each other to ensure that everyone feels seen and heard.

When Rules Need To Be Broken

Vertigage founder, Franco Lombardo discusses the impact of rules.

Rules are meant to keep us safe and ensure that we are treated fairly, but what about the self-imposed rules and beliefs that we consciously and unconsciously adopt as a child? The beliefs that we learn from our family, our peers, culture, religion, and society at large – they are the rules that form our ‘narrative identity.’

It is within these narratives, that we create those rules about what we can and can’t do, think and be. Families by their very nature are made up of multiple characters, each acting out their own narrative identity and set of self-imposed rules. But what happens when the rules we internalized as a child no longer serve us as an adult? Many of us continue to stick to them without question. Yet, it is these ‘unspoken’ rules that are precisely the ones that influence and consequently have the potential to jeopardize the longevity of a family.

In this powerful and interactive workshop, identify, explore, and challenge the unspoken rules that may exist in your own family and personal relationships. Discover how to communicate effectively, concisely, compassionately, and with integrity.

If Not You,
Then Who?

Vertigage founder, Franco Lombardo discusses the importance of planning.

We all think the worst won’t happen, but what if it does and what if it happens suddenly? Without adequate preparation, the loss or absence of a key figure in a family business has the potential to harm the legacy of your family and its business.

With an estimated 70% of wealthy families losing their wealth by the next generation, the importance of open dialogue early on is critical to a successful succession. When everyone feels included, understood, heard and valued, the chances of you preserving not just your wealth but also your familial relationships is greatly increased.

Succession planning isn’t just about writing a will, it’s ensuring that in the event of a sudden loss everyone involved in the family business is emotionally, intellectually, financially and socially prepared. This personalised workshop incorporates practical tools and strategies designed to help your family build trust and communication with one another, ensuring that any unspoken words don’t go left unsaid.

Emotional Traditions

Vertigage founder, Franco Lombardo discusses the importance of your beliefs.

Families all over the world adopt traditions that are inevitably passed down from one generation to the next. Some may be customary practices or celebrations influenced by culture or religion, whilst others may have been established over time through a family’s own unique culture and the characters within it.

Most of us take on these beliefs and behaviors as if they are our own without ever questioning if they feel true to us. Imagine then, how it would feel to become curious about your beliefs and why you behave in a certain way? How would it feel to be able to express yourself without fear?

This engaging and interactive workshop will help you to understand how your beliefs, both individually and collectively, influence your behaviour and decision making. Together you will build a roadmap for successful leadership and succession, underpinned by a set of shared values and purpose, to create a culture of family and business alignment.

Our Coaching Process

The Veritage Process is an integrated experience that encompasses the entire family system. Working at an individual, relational and collective level, our approach is collaborative to ensure that your unique needs and goals are in alignment.

Emotional safety is at the heart of long-term success and enables members to be brave, express ideas, share thoughts and celebrate learnings without fear of judgment or reprisal. We work with you to design a roadmap that ignites creativity, sparks innovation and secures your business and family, today and tomorrow.

Education Session

We begin the process by introducing you to our unique proven tools and concepts. This workshop offers you an opportunity to reflect on your current challenges, identify potential areas of growth and express your desired reality.

Foundations of Individual Safety

Through a series of 1-1 meetings, we discover your individual beliefs and behaviours and the impact they may be having on others. These meetings lay the foundation for the relational and familial safety sessions to follow.

Relational and Family Safety Development

Reuniting you as a group, we deepen relationships, build trust and promote self-accountability. Practicing your learnings, you will develop a guiding roadmap that serves as a blueprint to secure your current and future success.

Next Gen Roadmap Development

Specifically developed for Next Gen, we use experiential learning to prepare you for the future. We equip you with the tools and techniques to be able to make unified decisions within a new, established or future business venture.



Have you considered what will happen when the time comes for you to step down and hand over the reins? 

Next Gen

How much do you know about your family’s business and do you know if you want to take over the business?


Are you ready to let go or take over the business and do you know what this would practically mean for you?