INFLUENCE brings together a carefully curated group of wealth-owning families, advisors and thought leaders, for three days of connecting, storytelling,  workshops and education.

Designed specifically to support the growth and development of wealth–owning families and their advisors, INFLUENCE is the first event of its kind, to focus on the human capital as the foundation for a healthy and sustainable family business.

Introductory Videos

INFLUENCE 2024 Promo 1

INFLUENCE 2024 is the first event of its kind, to focuses on the human capital as the foundation for a healthy and sustainable family business.

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Sylvia Jones, Founder and Managing Director of Corporate Concierge, explains why she is excited to be a co-host for INFLUENCE 2024 and what to expect during this one-of-a-kind family experience.

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Join us at INFLUENCE 2024 and uncover why you do what you do and how this impacts on your family and wealth

What To

With a focus on learning who and what are your greatest influencers, guests will be invited on a journey of discovery designed to deepen familial relationships. Using our unique process, participants will develop a family governance model that protects the legacy of the business and its members for generations to come.

With a maximum number of spaces set to 28, the retreat will provide you with the tools to identify your personal story, leaving you with a deeper understanding of your purpose and a clear roadmap to communicate and work together effectively.


Global conflicts, rising prices and pandemics are rewriting the economic landscape for us all. The fluid world we now live in, has heightened the need for wealth-owning families to reconsider how they secure their wealth. Due to the complex nature of a family business, they are perhaps even more vulnerable to potential disruption due to the family dynamics. Sibling rivalries, insecurities and deteriorating relationships, are familiar sources of disharmony and if not addressed, can lead to the destruction of the family and the business.


Whilst there are numerous family office events around the world, they are traditionally limited in their offering, focusing on investment, structures and taxes. Having observed and participated in countless family conferences over the past twenty years, Franco realised that what was missing was the human heartbeat that’s intrinsic to every family business. Families need and want a safe space to talk with one another without fear of repercussions, so that they can better understand and communicate with one another, now and in the future.


A bespoke and intimate ‘retreat’ that focuses on the human dynamics within a family-owned business. A place where families can rest, reconnect and realign their individual stories and purpose without the distraction of daily life. The agenda is carefully curated to allow time for learning and reflection, and to create an environment where everyone feels seen and heard. Guests leave feeling not only refreshed but also with a deeper understanding of why they do what they do, and a toolkit on how to do things differently.


Dynamic, personalised and transformative, INFLUENCE is an experience like no other. Exclusively focused on developing and deepening family relationships, INFLUENCE provides a unique and non-commercial opportunity to establish a framework to secure your family’s legacy through the development of emotional safety.


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